CE Marketing and Promotions was founded as the vision of its CEO in 2001. As the driving force of one of the most comprehensive and effective direct response efforts of the 21st century (including more than 400 million media impressions) the founder developed highly effective strategies to reach various customer segments in the most cost efficient manner possible.

Those ideals inform this company’s belief that implementation of a comprehensive marketing strategy is second only to providing clients with a superior customer experience.

In an effort to bolster our clientele CE Marketing takes a consultative approach to servicing each partner’s unique needs. Our company is staffed with experienced, creative and skilled professionals dedicated to customer service and professionalism. We are committed to being the go to resource for your companies marketing and business development needs..


1 Focus For PR Link Building

If you want to improve your rankings in organic search and your brand awareness amongst a highly targeted and engaged community, link building is one of the most powerful marketing techniques to help realize your online growth potential.

How To Use BuzzSumo

Everything you see below is available in the trial – we don’t hold back any core features! During your trial, you’ll have access to our Suite plan – find out more about that via our plans and pricing.

100m Articles Analyzed

But writing a good headline is no mean feat – especially today. We have algorithms deciding who gets to read our headlines, we have more competition than ever before, and we have audiences with exceedingly high standards.

Fully dedicated to finding the best solutions

Our process emphasizes developing a consistent image and product/service delivery process which allows our clients to maximize every contact with existing, new and potential customers. Our “hybrid direct marketing” strategies combine social media marketing with broadcast media, traditional print, outdoor and branding best practices to develop an emotional tie-in between our clientele and their customers.