The National Technical Association, Inc. (NTA) was established in 1926.  Its purpose was to create a medium for expressing minority professional concerns for the lack of minority participation in the mainstream of architectural and engineering activity in America.

Today this goal has not changed, but has expanded to include a major concern for the participation of minority youth in meeting the challenge of modern technology.  Also for youth who have dropped from the challenge, NTA encourages them to seek allied programs to suit their interest and needs.

NTA’s architectural, engineering and scientific membership volunteers its services nationally to assist public institutions in identifying potential minority technical talent. Public Institutions where the service is encouraged includes high schools, colleges and in the recent past, penal institutions.  NTA has spent the ensuing years gaining national attention through its programs of encouragement to students and professionals alike.  The organization has enlarged its goals beyond just gaining economic recognition to include making minority youth aware of the opportunities being made available to them.

Because we are a non-profit organization, IRS Code 501 (C) (3), our services to private industry and government are for a nominal registration fee or by contractual arrangements, based upon your specific requirements.  When it is considered that our association’s membership consists of minorities in every science and technical discipline, including both graduate and post-graduate students, and that we are a national, viable organization in the minority communities, our position is quite unique.