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Social Media Marketing

Stand Out!

We use S.M.A.R.T. social media and brand marketing strategies to expand your reach, improve your brand awareness, engage your customers and acquire new ones. The process includes identifying your target audience, synchronizing your branding across platforms and measuring our the results. We refer to this process as “Standing Out!” Following our process will ultimately lead to the opportunity to “Monetize Your Brand”. We are committed to representing your brand to the masses and are ready to partner with you. Are you ready to:

Are you ready to:

Everyone Loves CAKE!

As a certified Lean Six Sigma company we have developed our proprietary “Customer Acquisition Kaizen Event” also known as “C.A.K.E.”; which follows a strict lean process to identify and activate new or improved customer acquisition opportunities. Businesses of various sizes and stages will undoubtedly benefit from a Lean Six practitioner leading them through this exclusive rapid improvement event.

Cakes are often the centerpiece of a celebrations; marking milestones and new beginning alike. The form and variety of cakes are endless. Additionally, “cake” is a colloquialism for “money”. Therefore, “Everyone Loves Cake!”

Our “C.A.K.E.” process is a 1-4 week engagement which guides your business through our proprietary strategic process which is based on Lean Six Sigma principles. Our process is designed to: 1 – Review your current sales and marketing strategy, 2 – Define your growth objectives and 3. Develop/Implement a strategy to reach them. This service is ideal for businesses and entrepreneurs who are ready to elevate their business to another level.

Talking “S.M.A.C.”

Content is king in the social media marketing arms race and we can help. We produce many types of Social Marketing Account Content – “S.M.A.C.” aimed at supercharging your social media engagement.

We specialize in: html email, landing pages, articles, YouTube content, custom logos, social page setup and advertorials.

Web Design & Hosting

There’s no place like “HOME”…
We offer a full suite of web hosting services ranging from blog sites, brochure sites and complete E-commerce solutions with hosting for any of these. Let us build an online home for your business today.

ZOHO Workplace

Meet Zoho Workplace, the application suite built to improve productivity and team collaboration. Create documents and presentations, share and manage files, host online meetings and conferences, communicate via chat or email, and work without boundaries.